Universal 100-Yard Benchrest Competition Rules (June 2019)

In an effort to establish a set of standard rules for airgun benchrest competitions where performance across venues can be easily compared, the Airgun Sporting Association (ASA) is proposing the use of this set of basic standards related to scoring, targets, distances and timing. While venues will certainly develop competitions that challenge and excite their customers, establishing a competition that complies with these standards will allow shooter scores and comparisons to live beyond just one venue and will set the stage for a national competitive benchrest shooting circuit.

The ASA Universal 100-Yard Benchrest Competition rules are not presented as a complete set of rules for a shooting venue. Rather, they are expected to be blended with the rules of the local venue and are only applicable if the scores from the competition are to be registered with the ASA for comparison across venues. The ASA will rely on the Local Venue Administration and the Range Master to address any disputes regarding scoring and to ensure compliance with these ASA rules.

Caliber Size:

ASA Universal Benchrest Competition is limited to .35 caliber and below. Larger calibers may participate – but the scores may not be registered with the ASA for comparison across venues.


ASA Universal Benchrest Competition limits ammunition to mass produced diabolo pellets. Other ammunitions may be used – but the scores may not be registered with the ASA for comparison across venues.


Scoring will be done with a .35 caliber scoring plug.

Only one shot per target on the 25 target sheet.

o The ASA will rely on the local venue rules for resolving multiple shots

on a target.

Tie scores will revert to the number of “X”.

If the scoring plug touches the edge of an inner ring, the higher score is allowed.

Any shot landing within the target square and outside of the “4 Ring” will be scored a 3.


Targets should be professionally printed on quality paper (at least 80 pound), with 25 targets per sheet and may include extra targets on the periphery for sight adjustments.

Target measurements (in inches) are (diameter of the ring measured from the outside edge of ink):

o X Ring 0.200

o 10 Ring 0.520

o 9 Ring 1.350

o 8 Ring 2.180

o 7 Ring 3.010

o 6 Ring 3.840

o 5 Ring 4.670

o 4 Ring 5.500

The recommended width of the ink is 0.030 inches.


Distance for both qualifying and final rounds will be 100 yards measured from the front of the bench to the target.

o Target distance variations of plus or minus 1-yard are allowable.


Shooting time for both the qualifying and final rounds will be 30 minutes.

Other Rules:

One-piece rests are allowed.

Tethered tanks are not allowed.